Building on the Basics BoB in Mongolia

Ianzhina Bartanova, Executive Director, FPMT Mongolia has reported on the success of the recent Building on the Basics, 16 Guidelines for Life course. Three participants started the course in August last year and completed their qualification in November 2019. Here are some words from the participants about their experience.

Can you tell us about your overall experience of BoB?

It gives an aspiration to go forward, never give up. Everyone counts, everyone’s effort. – Ianzhina

It was interesting to see how others understand 16 guidelines. In overall, I enjoyed totally new company as BoB sessions allowed me to open up my heart and problems those were making me nuts. It taught me to be openhearted to reliable people. – Oyut

It was a great experience to share our implementation in our daily life with the team. Keeping the awareness on the guidelines is very challenging but improving little by little. I appreciate to know all these beautiful people and we spend time on to do service work together and help us to know each other better to learn from each other. – Zulaa

What were the most helpful aspects of BoB?

Mindfulness meditation helped me to improve my communication skills. I was more present while talking to someone, I was really listening, and therefore the quality of my speech has increased. I was thinking more about the welfare of the other person, than myself. – Ianzhina

For me, daily practice of meditation was the most helpful. Community project was also a new eye opening journey. We went to the orphanage of kids up to 4 years. It was interesting to know how the orphanage works in legal framework and adopt their kids. – Oyut

Mindfulness and reflection on the successful action and thought. – Zulaa

Do you plan to use the 16 Guidelines after the course? If yes, how do you plan to use them?

Yes, I am initiating the project to empower women and mothers to change their mindset to have happy family. For that I will use this tool to help for mothers. – Zulaa

Right speech, respect and principled are the guidelines that I have chosen to use in my relationship with family members and father of my baby. I should stay strong on my position but in a right way by using the guidelines. – Oyut

Ianzhina plans to continue practising 16G in everyday life and wants continue her path on the 16G pathway training as a 16G facilitator. She hopes she can continue to spread the the compassion & wisdom of the guidelines with many others.


The three qualified BOB graduates with their certificates. Smiles all round!

Community project

Community project


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