Conversations That Matter in Florida

Nicole Zito shares her experience of using the Conversations That Matter resource at Thubten Kunga Linga Centre in Deerfield Beach, Florida:

“We have been leading Conversations that Matter over the past three weeks and it has been going really well. We’ve had a tremendous outcome as our attendance has doubled over the past few weeks for the first time since we reopened post-pandemic, amazing news! People are returning both in person and online for these hour-long sessions and they have a lot to share. It’s nice to be able to provide them with the space they need to share these things and we are all learning from each other, it’s beautiful! It’s very interesting and exciting.

Basically, we do a 20 minute meditation, a 25 minute discussion and 15 minutes of reading from Conversations That Matter.

It goes something like this; 5 minutes of settling in at the beginning, then a few minutes of checking in and reflecting on the previous week’s guideline, some reading of the CTM curriculum and then we open it up for conversation, then a 15 minute meditation then last-minute thoughts and dedication. We also have a 30 minute meditation session prior to the CTM so some people join that and others just come for one hour.

All in all, it is going really well. We are very grateful for this opportunity and we plan on keeping this going for the next six months!

Thank you both for your tremendous support and efforts in making the 16G available in this way!”

Conversations That Matter – 16G Free Resource

Conversations That Matter offers a new way of bringing inspiration for wise and compassionate action based on the 16 Guidelines for Life to your work, family, meditation group or yoga class.

The purpose of the guide is to inspire conversations about values. The guide includes ideas for 20 sessions, one for each theme and one for each value.

The simple, one-page design features

  • a short introduction to the guideline or wisdom theme,
  • an inspirational quote,
  • a selection of thought-provoking conversation starters, and
  • an idea to challenge yourself to action.

Whether you are looking to organise a group in your local community or workplace, or you are looking to enrich your yoga class or mindfulness practice, we hope you will find this guide valuable and useful.


The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom

At FDCW we believe it is just as important to take care of your inner needs and development as it is to take care of your physical and material needs. We offer resources, courses and training that explore and develop qualities such as kindness, patience and courage – qualities which are essential for meeting the challenges of the world we all share.The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom (FDCW) was established as a global charity based in London in 2005. Since then we have provided secular training, programmes and resources across many sectors of society – schools, universities, hospices, workplaces, healthcare, youth groups and community centres. Our courses have reached thousands of people across the world through our dedicated and growing network of facilitators in more than 20 countries.

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