Conversations that Matter

A new guide to inspire

Our new FREE guide Conversations that Matter is designed to spark discussions on what really matters. This easy to use weekly guide explores core inner values and how we apply them in daily life.

The guide examines a different theme each week inspired by our 16 Guidelines for Life program. For example, how we think, kindness, forgiveness, aspiration and how we find meaning. The guide suggests a structure for the discussion session with guided meditations at the beginning to settle the group and then later on to inspire. There are quotes, questions to spark discussion and challenges for each theme. It can be used by groups either in person or online.

Why not check it out for yourself and discover Conversations that Matter.


Let’s talk about values

How often do you sit down to talk about values? Maybe at a yoga or mindfulness class we can have a discussion about what’s important to us with the group. But the rest of the time, we often seem to avoid this very important and sometimes overlooked topic… our core values.

What do we mean by values? We face dozens of choices every day. If we have a framework of values then making those choices becomes easier, more natural. The more familiar we are with our inner values, the easier it becomes to navigate life. Our actions are spontaneously helpful rather than harmful towards ourselves and others. A compassionate attitude is the basis of our values. Compassion is a sense of concern for the wellbeing of others. We all have the capacity to be kind. And we all want to be treated with kindness. These inner values can be nurtured and can grow, becoming stronger with practice. Life flows more easily and we become more harmonious with others.

Our new FREE guide is designed to inspire conversations about values. Click here to download.

What are the 16 Guidelines?

16 Guidelines for Life (16G) is a framework of ethical values. But more than that, it offers a method of putting our core values into practice through our actions. The 16 Guidelines is a tool for discussion and analysis of what our values are and how we apply them. A compassionate attitude is the basis for practising values. By understanding more deeply how our mind works, we can develop the wisdom to think, speak and act wisely.

Compassion means feeling a sense of concern for the wellbeing of others. It is stronger than empathy. Empathy is recognising another’s emotions and understanding their perspective. Compassion is a stronger feeling of concern and the wish to help. In deepening and widening our compassion, we must not forget to have compassion for ourselves too – how else could we know how to be compassionate to others? We cannot pour from an empty cup.

Developing compassion brings us quiet strength and a stability of mind. We are less knocked around by life’s daily ups and downs. Developing our compassion, widens our attitude to focus more on others rather than just ourself. We gradually have a more active approach to improving the well-being of both ourselves and others. Leading to a happier and more fulfiling life.


We’d love to hear what you think of the Conversations that Matter guide, send us a message and give us some feedback.

The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom

At FDCW we are committed to a more compassionate, wiser world. We provide resources, courses and training to develop qualities such as kindness, patience and courage – qualities which are essential for meeting the challenges of the world we all share. The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom (FDCW) was established as a global charity based in London in 2005. Since then we have provided secular training, programmes and resources across many sectors of society – schools, universities, hospices, workplaces, healthcare, youth groups and community centres. Our courses have reached thousands of people across the world through our dedicated and growing network of facilitators in more than 20 countries.

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