Fernando’s Story

Fernando Romo Ledezma received a degree In Public Accounting from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in 1993. Since 2002, he has been a founding partner in La Sala de Fabián Romero, where he works as a hairdresser and makeup artist. In February 2009 he started Grupo Habit in Guadalajara, México, in collaboration with Lindsay Alderton from Loving Kindness Peaceful Youth.

Fernando Romo Ledezma
Fernando Romo Ledezma

In April 2011, he attended the Conferencie Essential Education América Latina in México with Alison Murdoch, Marian O’Dwyer and Connie Miller, and also The Seven Steps to Knowledge, Strength and Compassion workshop with Pam Cayton.

What prompted you to become involved with Universal Education?

The fact that it is oriented to build ethics, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, education, social status, age or spiritual belief.

What is the most important outcome for you personally?

To realise that we can work for peace starting with ourselves. Going back to basics with habitual and deliberate acts of kindness, as individuals, but always oriented to the benefit of others. And having fun in a spontaneous way!

How are you planning to apply what you have learnt from Universal Education in your life, work or community?

Finding inspiration in historic and everyday heroes. Believing in our own potential. Discovering the invisible threads that keep us interconnected. And then, moving into mindful actions. Refreshing the style, but keeping the essence: One Big HUGE Love.

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