Mindful emailing

Applying a moment of mindfulness before sending an email could save you a lot of time and effort.

Emails are a fast and easy way of communicating. However, there is a danger they can become too fast. Even a single word can be interpreted differently from the intention behind it, and can catapult people into hours of dealing with anger, confusion, doubt, fear, and other energy- consuming states of mind.


Being more aware of what we are trying to say, and using our words wisely, is an effective way of diminishing the risk of misunderstanding.

Applying a moment of mindfulness before sending an email can save a lot of time and effort clearing up misinterpretations. Similarly, being mindful after reading an email can reduce stress and prevent escalation.

Every time you have finished writing an email, before you send it, why not try pausing and asking yourself:

• Does this email need to be sent at all?
• Does it contain the message and the necessary information that I want to pass on?
• How will the recipient perceive this email?

For more reflections on the words and speech you can visit the ‘Right Speech’ section on the 16 Guidelines website.

For other resources and programmes on mindfulness and the workplace you can visit The Potential Project’s website.

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