Video: 09. Respect – How We Relate To Others | 16 Guidelines for Life

Everyone wants and needs respect. It is a pre-requisite for human beings to relate to each other in a positive and constructive way. Respect acknowledges that we have the same basic needs, whether physical, psychological or spiritual, and that other people’s experience and wisdom can be helpful to us.

Yet there is another dimension to respect, with even more power to transform. From our earliest years, we learn and grow through admiring and copying other people. In traditional societies this was a well-ordered process. Wisdom and life experience were seen as a form of wealth to be passed down the generations.

All around us there are people we can respect and learn from, if we choose to do so, and if we have the necessary humility. Respect is something that we have to give rather than to demand.

How do we choose the people we respect?
What effect will this have on our lives?
How can respect contribute to a happy life?


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