16G MeetUp in London

On August 21 2019, two of our UK based facilitators, Kitty D’Costa and Karl Grey, led a 2 hour taster session on the 16 Guidelines for Life using MeetUp which provides free meeting spaces throughout London.

11 people turned up to hear from Karl and Kitty about the 16 Guidelines.

Karl began by guiding participants through a heart and mind reflection on mindfulness. This set the tone for the evening, helping participants centre themselves and become present in the moment.

One of the participants shared:
“The mindfulness exercise was really short, only a few minutes. But so relaxing and peaceful, I didn’t want it to end.”


After the mindfulness introduction, participants were introduced to the 16 Guidelines, helping them understand it’s a direct and practical way for making life better. Participants were encouraged to explore the Guidelines on a deeper level by attending a Level 1 workshop in the future.

After the taster, a participant shared:
“I continue to reflect on how speech and words are used in my daily conversation and their impact on myself and those around me.”

Congratulations to Kitty and Karl for finding a new way to market the 16G program and inspire people to join a 16G workshop.

Facilitators can download a 16G taster format from our website in the Facilitators area. Please contact us if you need a password reminder.


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