16 Guidelines in Mauritius and Reunion Island

One of our faculty members Mabel Odessey has been spreading the values of Universal Education in the tropical island of Mauritius and Reunion, known for their beaches, lagoons and reefs,  Mabel brought a new perspective with her teachings to the remote communities. Mabel led three workshops, a 16 Guidelines Level 1 workshop and interestingly two “inspired by” workshops. The first “inspired by” workshop was aimed at families in the community and the second was focused around communication and the 16G.

The 16G workshop was attended by individuals who already had an interest in Buddhist teachings and some had attended self help workshops previously. On the opposite side of the island the ‘inspired by’ workshops were attended by people from varied backgrounds. The locals, or “creoles” as called in Mauritius, took to the materials and teachings very well despite the cultural differences. The majority of Mauritians come from a Hindu backgrounds but the secular teachings offered by Universal Education helped the locals to explore and discuss our shared human values in a free and safe space and to understand more about their personal emotions and experiences.

The workshops were so well received that one of the locals who is an Education Minister in Mauritius is interested in incorporating the 16G values into their curriculum. He runs a program for children that are struggling with their school performance or who have sadly fallen out of the school system due to their poor grades. He thinks Universal Education could be of great benefit to these young minds. The FDCW and Mabel are working together to take these conversations to the next level.

A huge thanks are necessary to the efforts and energy of Mabel, Florence Reffay in the Reunion and Lakshmi Jeetah in Mauritius with support of Victoria, Director of FDCW for making it all happen.

Here are some words from the local participants of the course:

“I learned from my experience, to evaluate my understanding of reality, step back, gain some height(perspective), to question myself.”

“I had a great weekend, I learned a lot, I feel I now have tools to improve my life and I am keen to continue.”

“ Thanks, now it seems simpler to live more happily with myself, and more harmoniously with my family and workmates”

Workshop participants in The Reunion Island

Workshop participants in The Reunion Island

““Deky Lee’s advice to connect with a higher source and to each participant, like a triangle from the head and heart before starting the workshops really helped to create a safe space to deepen the work. I feel so much gratitude to all the people who were involved directly and indirectly the time out there was enormously enriching and beneficial.” ”

— Mabel Facilitator



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