16Growing up! – Gratitude is everywhere (you only have to look for it!)

The benefits of gratitude

Gratitude has the potential to:

  • strengthen our awareness of our interdependence with people, animals and the environment
  • function as an antidote to isolation and loneliness, hurt and resentment
  • bring the transformative practice of appreciation and warm-heartedness into our daily life

Today we share an activity that encourages children to be curious about how gratitude shows up in their life and around them.

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

This is an activity which can be played almost anywhere but it works particulary well outside in nature. Set as a challenge it can be used with groups of children or as a family challenge on holiday!

Wherever you are, encourage the children to find

  1. something that makes them happy
  2. something they would like to give to someone else to make them smile
  3. one thing that they love to smell
  4. one thing they enjoy looking at
  5. one thing that is their favourite colour
  6. something they are thankful for in nature
  7. something that could be used to make a gift for someone
  8. something that could be useful to them

They can either write down the list of things to find and take the list with them, or they can look for the first one, return and share it with you and then you tell them the next item on the list.

Invite sharing their choices and what they found with others as much as possible. Maybe they would like to draw the item or take a picture of it and leave it where it can be enjoyed by others, too.  When the time is up, everyone can show and explain their choices.

The is activity is part of the resources of our course “16 Guidelines for Children and Teens”.

We also offer the Happy Toolbox for Kids which contains an activity to explore each of the 16 Guidelines with children aged 6 to 11.

Click here download the Happy Toolbox for free and find out more about our other free resources here.

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