16Growing up! – We can be heroes!

We can be heroes!

For this activity you will need paper and colour markers.

Explore what aspiration means together with the children. What are their ideas of what it means to strive to become better, to be inspired to improve, evolve and become? Do they have a hero they admire? Who is it and why?

What if they are all superheroes because they all have the superpowers of the 16 Guidelines? Which of the guidelines would be their superpower? What would they do with it? How could they express their superpower in a pose?

Give each child  a piece of paper and explain that they will make their superhero badge (or flag). If they chose to make flags, hang them up outside and invite the children to imagine that each breeze carries their aspiration to people and places all over the world.

The importance of good role models

Let’s face it, we can all do with a hero in our life.

A key way we learn is through observing and emulating others but how can we help children and young people identify and choose good role models? FDCW is keen to bring positive role models to centre stage and our 16G courses and eBook 16 Guidelines for Life: The Basics encourage us to identify local community or family role models we can relate to personally.

Role models come into our lives as educators, civic leaders, activists, musicians, artists, parents, peers, and ordinary people. Characteristics of positive role models include:

  • Passion and ability to inspire
  • Clear set of values including commitment to community
  • Empathy with and acceptance of others
  • Ability to overcome obstacles

Take a minute and consider who your role models are. What are their qualities and values? Which of the 16 Guidelines do they present? It may be difficult to find a person who embodies all those qualities and easier to think of a person who is an excellent role model for kindness, for example, but not aspiration.

The is activity is part of our Happy Toolbox for Kids which is available for free.

Click here download the Happy Toolbox and find out more about our other free resources here.

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