The 16G Facilitator Training Pathway – A journey by Gillian Watt

‘Bennachie’ – taken by A Forrest

‘Bennachie’ - taken by A Forrest

In 2017 I was introduced to 16 Guidelines by a dear friend, and now fellow 16G facilitator, Claudia van Zuiden.  Claudia was delivering her very first Level One course and asked if I would like to join the weekend course at Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn.  From the very first session, I saw how 16 Guidelines could be integrated, not only into my personal life, but also my professional life, which at that time was head teacher of a rural school in Aberdeenshire. Fast forward to June 2020 and I have just delivered my first ‘Building Your Inner Strength: 16 Guidelines for Life’ course, online, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.  If ever there was a time for 16 Guidelines, it is now!

The powerful simplicity of 16 Guidelines is unnerving in the beginning.  We are used to thinking and analysing, figuring things out using the mind. Being asked to relax into the heart and come away from the mind, takes practise and trust in the process.  I very quickly put what I had learned that weekend into practise and found that it was extremely versatile.  I could apply the tools in my personal relationships, giving me a different perspective and ‘way in’ to understanding other points of view and also, most powerfully, I found myself being able to respond in a more compassionate, considered way when discussing sensitive, challenging situations with pupils, parents and colleagues. It was an exciting time!

A group of us then came together and worked through the ‘Building on Basics’ resources.  This group has continued to meet monthly ever since, as we continue to delve deeper and deeper. It is such a special, unique space, with members from Scotland, Switzerland and Germany.  Myself and Lorna Forsyth (dear friend and member of the same BoB group) went on to complete the 16 Guidelines: Level Two and Level Three courses, over a two year period.  In between, we hosted various events that were ‘influenced by 16 Guidelines’, continuing our journey towards becoming accredited facilitators.

We had planned to deliver our first course ‘face to face’ but events overtook us and we found ourselves delivering our first Level One course in the middle of lockdown and online! This meant we had to quickly learn the intricacies of Zoom ‘breakout rooms’, chat, ‘hands up’ and all the other technical aspects of facilitating a course online, as well as becoming comfortable in our delivery of the course.  I believe that learning is never ending and I am sure that I will apply lessons learned in future 16G courses but I believe that we did the programme justice, with participants from Germany, France, Canada and Scotland.  Witnessing others having those ‘lightbulbs’ moments was very special and I look forward to delivering our next courses, which will be in July and September.  It is such a privilege to be a small part of the 16 Guidelines family.

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